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This Week in Chocolate: Jan. 3–10 - Craft chocolate, bean-to-bar, reviews and writing.

This Week in Chocolate: Jan. 3–10

Our weekly roundup of chocolate related news, politics and products. See what’s happened every Sunday.

Happy Birthdays

If you’re interested in hands on experience, and/or online experience, then Ecole Chocolat is the place to start. It’s their birthday, and they’re great, so happy 13th birthday to Ecole Chocolat.

Are you a part of the 10%?

Ben and Jerry’s support of Bernie Sanders could extend to a flavor named in his honor. I’ll just quote him instead of muddling this up:

“When you open up the pint, there’s this big disc of chocolate on the top, covering the entire top. And below it is just plain mint ice-cream. The disc of chocolate represents the 90 percent of the wealth that’s gone to the top ten percent over the last ten years.

The way you eat it is that you take your spoon and you whack that big chocolate disc into a bunch of little pieces and you mix it around, and there you have it: “Bernie’s Yearning.”

Yum! Sounds very convenient and easy to eat.

Mummified Chocolate

Imagine reaching into your pocket and finding your favorite chocolate bar. Only that the bar is 22 years old and now looks like it came from the moon. It’s the most extreme bloom you’ve ever seen

One Ingredient Mousse

Actually there are two ingredients: they don’t count water. Do you have chocolate? And a whisk? Then you can make a pretty fine mousse. We’ve made it before. We’re experts at making desserts out the barest pantry.

*Cough cough

I’m actually coughing. Not (just) trying to be coy. Oh, what’s this? New medical research says that chocolate might be the best thing to take if you’re suffering a cough. 200cc’s of chocolate every four hours. I made up that amount. A man can dream.

Also chocolate stops pancreatic cancer. Just thought I’d throw that in there too.

Slave to Chocolate?

This piece talks about the amount of trafficked labor in the Ivory Coast, labor used to harvest cacao for mass production. It’s written by a comedian. And she does a good job of crushing your cheap chocolate dreams ever so gently.

That’s all the news for this week! See you next Sunday.


Being the son of a chocolatier Chris has always enjoyed talking about chocolate as much as he loves eating it. He’s an artist and designer as well as a co-founder of the Chocolate Codex.


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