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Chocolate Codex – the Library

Cookbooks, Reference Books and Good Reads

There are a lot of books out there about chocolate and cacao. Where to start? All of the books below are ones that actually get used and used again. 

Want to learn how to make glorious gateaus? Test your tempering mettle? Experimenting with hot chocolate, chocolate ice cream, brownies, cookies, fudges and bonbons? You can find it all beneath.

We’re going to review them all, and do some more in depth reviews soon, but you can’t go wrong with any of these. Luckily both chocolate masterpieces and travesties are delicious. Chocolate books are the gift that keeps on giving.

Chocolate Cookbooks


Sweet Paris

by Michael Paul

If I had to pick one book for a cruise-ship-holiday, this would be it! Actually I did. And the holiday turned into a sort of nightmare with the record-breaking winds and waves. This book kept me sane for 10 days on the ship.

The book includes French dessert recipes and their histories – macarons, éclairs, madeleines, friands, chocolat chaud, etc. – plus a short guide to Paris’ best chocolatiers, pâtisseries, confiseries and salons de thé. –Shiho

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Délices de Chocolat

by Jean-Paul Hévin

One drawback to this book is that it’s written in French and there is no English version. (And our link is to the only one we could find, in Brazilian Portuguese!)

But if you love chocolate and beautiful books, you would love to have this book even if you don’t know French.  The recipes are not so difficult to follow.  And you can create Hevin’s desserts at home!  That’s the next best thing to eating his cakes at Hevin’s tea house in Rue St. Honore. –Shiho

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Chocolate Passion

by Tish Boyle & Timothy Moriarty

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Couture Chocolate

by William Curley

William Curley is a well known award winning chocolatier from England . If your interest lies in chocolate confections and baking this book will give you plenty of ammunition to take you from basic techniques to more challenging and original ideas.

Well conceived with lots of photographs and step by step details and little tricks. The skill level and multiple preparations do require more time and patience but the results will inspire. –Gabor

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Making Artisan Chocolates

by Andrew Garrison Shotts

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Chocolate & Confections

by Peter P. Greweling

If you’re at all interested in making confections, including some chocolate, then this book is full of candy making fundamentals. All of which, if you lack as much experience as I do, are not easy. But really fun.

Even if you don’t want to attempt the recipes here right away, it’s a lot of fun to go through. And the pictures give you some idea of what you can acheive with patience, practice and razor sharp nerves. It’s very motivating. –Chris

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by Alice Medrich

A must have book for anyone who loves baking and chocolate. If most of your baking experience has been a one bowl brownie recipe, this book will elevate your level of expertise to create masterpieces.

This happens because (as with all of Alice’s books) it is precise, simple to follow and detailed, with lots of hints and tips on how to present and store your creation after completion. Most of all it is written with passion and love. Lots of beautiful photos as well. One of my favourite baking books for 25 years. –Gabor

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The Art of the Chocolatier

by Ewald Notter

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Death by Chocolate

by Marcel Desaulniers

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by Nick Malgieri

A book worth having. The recipes are easy to follow and range from the simple to the elegant, but never intimidating. Recipes are laid out in a numbered step by step format.

Most importantly, the end of each recipe provides storage and serving information. A life saver when planning a dessert filled party.

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The Essence of Chocolate

by John Scharffenberger & Robert Steinberg

This book tells a story. The journey of an idea that led to the creation of a leading bean to bar chocolate manufacturer in the USA . Packed full of personnel insights and valuable information as well as excellent photographs and both sweet and savoury recipes.

Wander through this book with eyes wide open as the story leaves you craving for more chocolate but also educates about the hard work involved in creating excellent chocolate. The recipes are well worth trying. –Gabor

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$ (used)


A Passion for Chocolate

by Maurice & Jean-Jacques Bernachon

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Chocolate Desserts

by Pierre Hermé & Dorie Greenspan

Look at that line up! Need I say more?! –Chris

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Books on Chocolate


Chocolate: the Nature of Indulgence

by Ruth Lopez

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 The Emperors of Chocolate

by Joël Glenn Brunner

A fascinating book about the history and reach of two of the world’s largest chocolate companies: Mars and Hershey’s. It’s a great book even if you’re not interested in chocolate. 

Of course if you are interested in chocolate then you’ll find a ton to chew over here. –Chris

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