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Chocolate Codex – Solstice, Bolivia, 70%, CX#73230


USA, Bolivia, 70%

CX# 73230

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Unlike the majority of bean to bar packaging, this bar is presented to us in a foil pouch rather than a cardboard box. The design is simple in format and provides enough information to know the origin, percentage, and even shows you a small black mark on the back of the package, which depicts Bolivia, but I wish there was more context on the map.

So what makes this bar unique, aside from the foil package? Opening the resealable tabs we reveal a dark and thin bar divided into three centimeter squares, each embellished with a depiction of the sun. It’s simple and effective.

Holding this bar, it has a smooth to slightly suede-like texture. Breaking off a square, it has a snap but it’s not particularly crisp.


The nose detects an earthy aroma, which seems to coincide with the fact that these beans are grown in a damp, rainy area of Bolivia. So far it has my attention. The first bite, then letting it slowly melt against my palate, it comes on bold and seems to belittle the fact that this is only a 70% bar.

It begins as a creamy melt, that makes you believe it is going into the dreamy world of fudginess, when it takes a detour and reveals its true colors, dominating with a punch of tartness that literally makes your mouth pucker and dry, to the point of astringency. In the background there’s a touch of licorice.

As you swallow, the final farewell leaves a very obvious clay, earthy dryness that haunts your mouth for a long time, well after the melody is finished. I can see this being enjoyed, wandering on a cool evening, over slightly damp ground after a brief rainfall, where everything seems touched by an earthy deep aroma.

This is not a particular favorite of mine, however it will appeal to those who enjoy a second cup of tea.


Solstice, Bolivia, 70% CX#73230

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter


Gabor has had a lifelong love for cooking, baking, confections and, especially, chocolate. He recently has launched Gabor Chocolates, specializing in artisanal, hand-crafted chocolates.

Gabor Chocolate

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