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Letterpress – Gran Couva, Trinidad, 70%, CX#65396 - Craft chocolate, bean-to-bar, reviews and writing.


USA, San Juan Estate, Gran Couva, Trinidad, 70%

CX# 65396

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If you want to know just how good your own craft chocolate could be then you could hardly find a better example than Letterpress. You can literally feel the skill in your mouth. It’s a rarity to find two ingredients welded together so well. Now go take a look at their Instagram and see what they’ve been using to make this chocolate. Go. I’ll wait.

See what I’m talking about?

Tasting is not an objective process. I’d like to think I remember the very best I’ve tasted with accuracy when in reality the ones I remember are the ones that surprised me the most. This is the case here. It’s a case in contrast. And a testament to, no doubt, detailed experimentation. Chocolate has an artful side equal to its technical one. Here we have a bit of that chocolate alchemy.


The particle size here is incredibly fine and the melt is long. One piece seems to take an eternity to disappear (if you treat it more like a lozenge) and the flavor hangs around forever. However, If you like your coffee and chocolate dark and bright or sour then you will probably find this too palatable. This is a softer tasting bar but the experience is dense.

The aroma is close to some types of tobaccos, or cinnamon and plums, though I found both of those things absent in the flavor – which is nuttier and mellowed with vanilla. It’s a little warmer in profile than other trinitarios I’ve had, which sometimes can be medicinal tasting. (Though I must admit I really like the strongly antiseptic or rubbery tasting trinitarios.) There is a hint of that here but the overall character here is familiar and welcoming, not complicated. Did I mention it’s only 70%?

Reaching back in my memory I would actually compare this to European makers like Amedei or Pralus or US maker Ranger. It’s one of the most even two ingredient bars I’ve ever had.


Letterpress, San Juan Estate, Gran Couva, Trinidad, 70%, CX#65396

Ingredients: cocoa beans, cane sugar

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Being the son of a chocolatier Chris has always enjoyed talking about chocolate as much as he loves eating it. He’s an artist and designer as well as a co-founder of the Chocolate Codex.


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