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We’re still in awe of this beauty (and we probably will be forever). We don’t know the exact date of its manufacture, but it’s sometime between 1900 and 1920. The internal frame is all cast iron, the granite base is original and worn, and the rollers are cast iron and original. We are still cleaning out the pots because there is still some old chocolate leftover from when these belonged to Suchard. From what we’ve gathered, Suchard used these for about 80 years. The birthplace of these is Langenthal, Switzerland by U. Ammann. Ammann is still around today but they don’t make chocolate equipment, their specialty now is large industrial equipment for construction and the like. The original 4-pot conche was designed by Lindt, and before that there was little to no chocolate made for eating. Before conching, it was all about chocolate as a beverage. The conche improved flavor, texture and viscosity, which helped make solid chocolate enjoyable (and possible). We’re still fans of this design because, despite the apparent heavy-dutiness, it’s actually a fairly gentle method of conching. It still requires about 2-4 days of continuous conching time, but during that time the chocolate doesn’t get over-refined or overly stripped of flavor-contributing compounds. We’re still a couple weeks away from our first batch in this, but needless to say, we’re excited! Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing the progress live! #beantobar #craftchocolate #1105ironhorse #parkcity #conche #chocolateconche A photo posted by Ritual Chocolate (@ritualchocolate) on


We do our research. #books #chocolate #nerds #beantobar #read @pikeplacepublicmarket

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Jasmine co-founded Chocolate Codex as a way to share her enthusiasm for chocolate. She has a certificate in Chocolate making from Ecole Chocolat and she runs a foodblog called The Blenderist.


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