Yesterday my dad let me try a new flavor that he was working on (he’s in the testing stage). For those who don’t know, my dad is a chocolatier.

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One of the greatest tasting experiences you can have is when someone else puts the name to the flavor you’re trying to decipher, especially if it’s regional or peculiar.


We asked a variety of chocolate makers from the around world to answer the following question…


Our choices as chocolate buyers do make a difference but it’s not always easy to see where and how. Let’s take a look at some farm-to-bar origin country chocolate companies.


Chocolate is easy to find. You would be hard pressed to find a gas station, supermarket or corner grocery that doesn’t stock chocolatey goods.


A decade ago I was living in Toronto, working in a fancy boutique in a fancy neighbourhood. I’d often treat myself to lunch at Pusateri’s Fine Foods, a fancy gourmet grocery.